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Your Connection to the Outside

Tempo™ eSATA data cables don't compromise—why should you? When using an eSATA Serial ATA host controller and connecting external drive enclosures, you need Tempo eSATA data cables! Unlike thin, internal SATA data cables, these cables offer superior shielding and connectors with metal contacts to provide enhanced EMI protection and improved durability required for external use. These cables adhere to the design specifications recommended by the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO), and are built to last.

eSATA Locking Connector

Benefit from a secure connection. Sonnet's exclusive eSATA data cables with locking connectors fasten securely at both ends, ensuring a secure connection to Sonnet Tempo SATA E4P, Tempo SATA X4P and Tempo SATA 6Gb PCIe controllers, and Fusion F3, D400QR5, R400QR5, R400P, D500P, and D800P2 storage systems.

Key Features

Connects a SATA host controller card to Serial ATA drive enclosures

Robust external Serial ATA (eSATA) connectors engineered for better retention—springs similar to USB—designed for over 5,000 insertions and removals)

Extra shielding and metal contacts provide better EMI protection

1-meter or 2-meter cables available

Locking connectors available



Part No.  
TCB-SATA-2/1 1-meter external Serial ATA data cable with one eSATA connector and one SATA I connector
TCB-SATA-2L-2M 2-meter external Serial ATA data cable with two eSATA locking connectors
Warranty 2-year
Form Factor Computer cable
Package Contents Tempo eSATA data cable
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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eSATA to Internal SATA Cables:

TCB-SATA-2/1 is a 1-meter eSATA cable that connects a host controller card with eSATA connectors to an internal drive module with SATA I connectors.

eSATA Cables with Locking Connectors:

TCB-SATA-2L-2M is a 2-meter eSATA cable that connects a host controller card with locking eSATA connectors to an external drive enclosure with locking eSATA connectors.

Locking connectors will lock to current Sonnet Tempo E4P and Tempo SATA X4P controllers, and current Fusion D400Q, R400, and D500P storage systems. Locking housings are removeable for compatibility with all eSATA connectors.