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907 Can I upgrade the power supply in the Sonnet eGFx Breakaway Box or Breakaway Box 550?Sep-20-19
913 Does an eGPU accelerate Adobe After Effects?Jun-21-21
914 Does the Breakaway Box support the AMD Radeon Vega 64, FE, WX8200 or WX9100, Radeon VII, or Radeon 5700 or 5700 XT?Jan-12-20
AMD Radeon Vega 56, Radeon 5700 (1)
This card is supported in the Breakaway Box 350, 550 or 650.

AMD Radeon Vega 56, Radeon 5700 XT (1,2)
This card is supported in the Breakaway Box 550 or 650.

AMD Radeon Vega 64 (2) (air cooled), Vega Frontier Edition (air cooled); Radeon Pro WX8200 or WX9100; Radeon VII (3):
These cards are supported in the Breakaway Box 650.

AMD Radeon Vega 64 (liquid cooled) or Vega Frontier Edition (liquid cooled):
These cards are not supported.

1. The Radeon 5700 and 5700 XT are supported on Windows 10 Build 1809+. Support on macOS requires 10.15.2+

2. Some large gaming versions of Vega 64 and Radeon 5700 XT do not fit in the Breakaway Box. Check the Graphics Card Compatibility pdf for specific model information.

3. The Radeon VII is requires Windows 10 Build 1809+ or macOS 10.14.6+ to work at all, but we don't recommend it. On macOS, the Radeon VII mostly works, but is not officially supported by Apple, AMD, or Sonnet. On macOS or Windows, The Radeon VII fans unnecessarily run at full speed upon sleep or shutdown. To quiet the fans, the user must power down an eGPU chassis with a Radeon VII upon sleep or shutdown.
915 The GPU-350W-TB3 and GPU-350W-TB3Z both have 350W power supplies, but only GPU-350W-TB3Z supports some higher end cards. Why?Oct-21-19
Both SKUs have 350W power supplies, but they allocate the power differently:

The GPU-350W-TB3Z box has one 8-pin plus one 6-pin power connector. 300W is available to the GPU card and 15W Power Distribution to a laptop.

The GPU-350W-TB3 box is available only as the Developer Edition and has one 8-pin power connector, which is adequate to support the included Radeon RX 580 card. 225W is available to the GPU card and 60W Power Distribution to a laptop.

The numbers don't add to exactly 350W because power is allocated in discrete steps and some power margin is required for transients.

Note that some Thunderbolt 3 PC laptops with dedicated power connectors do not accept power distribution. To check whether your Thunderbolt 3 PC laptop accepts power distribution, check here. Upstream power continues to be provided even when the computer is sleeping.

Every Thunderbolt 3 Macbook Pro will accept Power Distribution, up to 60W for the 13", and up to 85W for the 15"
925 My Breakaway Box won't turn on.Jan-06-21
For the eGFX Breakaway Box to turn on, you must (1) turn on the power switch AND (2) connect the Breakaway Box to a computer with the supplied Thunderbolt 3 cable.
926 I have a Windows computer with a discrete (internal) NVIDIA Quadro dGPU, and the external NViDIA GeForce or Titan eGPU is not recognized.Jun-21-21
929 Can I use a Sonnet eGPU with Boot Camp?Jun-21-21
930 What kind of performance can I expect from the NVIDIA Titan Xp (Pascal) with the eGFX Breakaway Box?Nov-06-17
932 How can I use the Sonnet eGPUs to accelerate games on the MacBook Pro or iMac internal video?Jun-21-21
938 What power cable do I need for the Avid HDX card?Jun-21-21
970 How do I use the Breakaway Box or RX 560/570 Puck with the LG Ultrafine 5K Display sold on the Apple store?Jan-06-21
The LG Ultrafine 5K Display connects via Thunderbolt 3. To give both the display and the Breakaway Box/Puck each maximum bandwidth, connect them to independent Thunderbolt 3 controllers, if possible.

The 13" Macbook Pro with Touchbar, 15" MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac Pro have two independent Thunderbolt controllers. Connect the Display and the Breakaway Box/Puck to ports on different sides.

The 13" MacBook Pro without Touchbar and the iMac with Retina display and the have only one Thunderbolt controller. The LG Ultrafine Display will reserve all the bandwidth it needs, and the Breakaway Box/Puck will be allocated the remaining bandwidth, which may affect performance of the Breakaway Box/Puck.

If you are using macOS 10.14.6+, you can accelerate applications and games with the eGPU if they support GPU acceleration...
• Select the app in Finder
• Get Info
• Select Prefer External GPU

Do not select Prefer External GPU for Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro. These applications automatically manage eGPU usage.

Professional applications that use an external GPU generally may have a preference selection inside the app to select the external GPU.
978 Sonnet's macOS-compatible external graphics supports up to 5 displays. How can I tile them into one large display?Jan-06-21
991 What is the maximum size GPU card that will fit in a Breakaway Box?Jan-06-21
The maximum size GPU card that will fit in a Breakaway Box is 312mm x 160mm* x 54mm.

*At maximum size, the auxillary power connector must be recessed by 30mm.
995 Which NVIDIA cards are supported as external GPUs.Oct-21-19
998 I need to ship the Breakaway Box. Do I need to remove the card?Jan-06-21
Sonnet recommends that you remove the card and ship it separately. Because graphics card lengths vary, the Breakaway Box could not offer support for the back end of cards. Some cards have stiffeners, but many do not, and are at risk when shipped inside the box.
999 How do I get external graphics working on a Gigabyte motherboard?Feb-03-23
1001 My display is not being detected on macOS.Jun-21-21
1002 My 4K display is connecting only at 30Hz. Why I can't set it to 60Hz?Jun-21-21
1004 How to Solve the DP No Video / Wrong Resolution Issue with the Dell P2715Q / P2415Q Flat Panel MonitorsJun-21-21
1025 Will a Sonnet eGPU accelerate internal video on a Mac?Jun-21-21
1026 Does Final Cut Pro use the external GPU in a Breakaway Box, or Breakaway Puck, or DuoModo eGPU Module?Jun-21-21
With macOS 10.14.6+, Final Cut Pro X 10.4.6+ automatically uses the GPU in the Breakaway Box, Breakaway Puck, or DuoModo eGPU Module is used to accelerate Final Cut Pro X.
1028 Does the Breakaway Box or RX 560/570 Puck support the LG UltraFine 4k Display sold by Apple?Jan-06-21
1038 I purchased a Breakaway Box bundled with a Radeon GPU card and now I need warranty service on the GPU card.Sep-20-19
1051 I'm connecting from a DVI (or sometimes DP) port on my GPU Card--via an adapter cable--to an HDMI port on my monitor and the display looks magenta.Jun-21-21
1054 How do I extend the length of a DisplayPort cable?Jun-21-21
1084 I connected my monitor to the Breakaway Box, Breakaway Puck, or DuoModo eGPU Module on my 2018 or newer Mac mini, but it boots with a black screen.Jun-21-21
1110 I'm trying to use four HDMI monitors by adding DP-to-HDMI adapters, but it doesn't work.Jun-21-21
Use at least one active DP-to-HDMI adapter.

Display Port signal is not compatible with HDMI.

However, on most modern GPU cards, the DisplayPort output is a Dual mode DisplayPort (DP++), which has the ability to recognize and adjust the signal to HDMI when a passive DP-to-HDMI adapter cable is connected, but only up to a point. If the HDMI monitors you are trying to connect are identical (use identical video signal timings), then you should be able to use passive adapters for all. However, if the monitors are different, then there may be a limit of two special clocks to drive passive DP to HDMI adapters; ergo only two HDMI monitors may be supported with passive adapters; the third and subsequent monitor would need to be native DisplayPort or would need to use an active DP-to-HDMI adapter.

Older generation GPU cards require the use of active DP-to-HDMI adapters on every DP port.
1111 I'm trying to use an additional HDMI monitor by adding a DP-to-HDMI adapter, but it doesn't work.Jun-21-21
That is likely because you are using a passive DP to HDMI adapter. Use an active DP-to-HDMI adapter, which generates the clock needed for HDMI, and it will work.
1145 Do not disconnect or power off you eGPU during sleep or your Mac will crash.Apr-20-21
macOS does not support disconnecting or powering off an eGPU during sleep. If you do so, your Mac will kernel panic. This is an issue that persists through at least macOS 11.2.3. Sonnet has reported the issue to Apple.
1191 I upgraded to macOS 12.4 and my Vega 56 is no longer seen by macOS.Nov-25-22
1212 My computer will randomly freezeFeb-25-23
1225 My Windows PC freezes without a blue screen when using an NVIDIA GPU.Jun-05-23