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Two Slots, No Waiting

Sonnet's Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34 enables you to transfer files concurrently from two CF memory cards to your MacBook Pro on-location or in the field, studio, or office. Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34 supports the fastest available CF memory cards and future CF cards up to 886x at full speed, making it a superior alternative to USB memory card readers. Not only is it fast, its compact size allows it to fit into a gear bag, with no dangling cable.

CompactFlash Card Compatibility and Maximum Transfer Speed

Basic 10 MB/sec
Ultra II 15 MB/sec
Extreme III 30 MB/sec
Extreme IV 45 MB/sec
Extreme* 60 MB/sec
Extreme Pro* 90 MB/sec
Extreme Pro* UDMA7 100 MB/sec
80x 12 MB/sec
133x 20 MB/sec
266x 40 MB/sec
300x 45 MB/sec
600x 90 MB/sec
Platinum II 12 MB/sec
Professional 133x 20 MB/sec
Professional 233x 35 MB/sec
Professional 300x 45 MB/sec
Professional 600x 90 MB/sec
Professional 1000x 150 MB/sec
Standard 6 MB/sec
Elite Pro 133x 20 MB/sec
Ultimate 266x 40 MB/sec
Ultimate 600x 90 MB/sec

* Supported only in upper slot with lower slot empty.

Thunderbolt Compatible with Echo ExpressCard/34 A

Key Features

Transfers files concurrently from two CF memory cards—creates a significantly more convenient and efficient workflow

Uses the ExpressCard® slot's PCI Express interface to deliver performance superior to adapters that depend on the ExpressCard slot's USB 2.0 interface

Accepts two Type I (flash memory) cards or a combination of one Type I and one Type II (hard drive) card

Supports UDMA6 transfer modes with sustained data transfers up to 133 MB/sec (886x)

Compatible with Sonnet's Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter


Unlike common CF adapters, Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34 uses the 2.5 Gbps PCI Express interface incorporated into ExpressCard® slots, so it delivers performance superior to adapters that depend on the ExpressCard slot's slower USB 2.0 interface. If you've been using CF cards for a while, you may even have a Microdrive in your gear bag—Sonnet's adapter can handle it. Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34 accepts two Type I (flash memory) cards or a combination of one Type I and one Type II (hard drive) card. If you're a photographer or videographer using equipment that relies on CF cards, this Sonnet adapter will save you time and improve your workflow.

Part No.  
CFRW2X-E34 Discontinued
Warranty 1-year
RoHS Compliant Yes
Bus Interface ExpressCard/34, PCI Express interface
Supported Media Type I (Flash memory) CompactFlash
Type II (Microdrive) CompactFlash
Media Connector Type Push/pull media card connector
Data Transfer Rate Up to 133 MB/sec (886x)
Dimensions 55 mm x 120 mm x 15 mm
(2.17" x 4.72" x 0.59")
Package Contents
  • Pro CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34
  • Driver/Documentation CD


Specifications subject to change without notice.





Mac® Compatibility

MacBook Pro (with ExpressCard/34 slot)

Mac OS X Version 10.4+

OS X Mavericks compatible

Windows® Compatibility

PC notebook (with ExpressCard slot)

Windows® 8

Windows 7

Windows Vista®

Windows XP

Mac Logo Windows Logo ExpressCard/34 Logo roHS Logo

Product image Product Name Part No. Description
ExpressCard/34 to 54 Stabilizer ExpressCard/34 to 54 Stabilizer E34-E54-BK Brace for stabilizing an ExpressCard/34 adapter card in an ExpressCard/54 slot


Sonnet Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter Review
What stands out is the simplicity of the unit - no drivers to install, no cables to mess about with, just insert the Sonnet Pro Dual Compact Flash Adaptor into the Express 34 slot on a MacBook Pro and an icon will then mount on the desktop which looks like a hard drive. Click the icon and copy the data as in the same way as any other removable device.

The two killer features of the unit are speed and the fact that two CF cards can be inserted into the adapter at the same time. Transfer of files is quick, kills USB for speed, and if you tend to go through loads of CF cards for photographic or video work, insert one or two cards, and then offload the data…"

Bare Feats Review

Shootout: Sonnet Tech ExpressCard/34 CF Reader versus FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 Readers
For transferring photos from a CF card to your MacBook Pro, the Sonnet Pro Dual CompactFlash (CF) Adapter ExpressCard/34 is certainly fast and offers the option of mounting two CF cards at the same time. As stated earlier, it uses the 2.5Gbps PCIe interface standard so it doesn't run out of bandwidth when you use the fastest 300X CF cards (or the future 886X CF cards). It supports UDMA6 transfer modes up to 133MB/s…"

Awards & Case Studies
Macworld Editors' Choice Award
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